Core features and rock-solid ride tracking are free, additional features can be purchased via optional add-ins.

Track your rides

Record your rides using your phones GPS

  • Track your rides on a map
  • Utilises the built in Here maps - no need for a data connection as you ride
  • Real-time map updates as you ride
  • Display stats as you ride

Record your Turbo Workouts

  • Display stats from your BLE sensors as you workout
  • Have a Heart rate sensor? - see your active zone as you workout

Import Routes

Import GPX files via email, directly from your phone or via external services

  • Import routes from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, MapMyRide *
  • Follow those rides as you're tracking your workout
  • Re-ride previous workouts

Export Workouts

Export your completed workouts to various online services:

  • OneDrive
  • Google Drive *
  • Dropbox *
  • Strava *
  • MapMyRide *

* Exporting to certain services requires an optional paid add-in.

Bluetooth Smart Support *

View and record data from various supported Bluetooth devices

  • Heart rate monitors
  • Speed/Cadence sensors
  • Barometers
  • Temperature sensors

* Viewing stats is free but recording those stats requires an optional paid add-in.

Detailed Stats

When you've finished your workout, view detailed information on how you did:

  • Average speed, cadence and more *
  • Maximum speed, cadence and more *
  • Moving time, elapsed time
  • Elevation gain
  • Graphs: speed, cadence and more *
  • Heatmap: see where you were fastest on your ride

* Dependent on available sensors


Recorded sensor data will be displayed as a graph showing you how you did over the duration of your workout

  • View which device the data comes from
  • See the peaks and troughs of your ride


Record and store an almost unlimited amount of workouts *

  • Access your most recent workouts organised by date and time
  • Use jump lists to quickly navigate the list

* Dependent on amount of storage space on phone


Customise the app to your own wishes

  • Display units
  • Speed gauges instead of text
  • Heart rate zones
  • User details (gender, weight, DOB)
  • Bike details
  • Run under the lock screen
  • Disable idle detection (keeping the phone on so you can keep an eye on the stats as you ride)

* Some features require optional paid add-ins

Note: Continuous tracking of GPS, recording data from multiple Bluetooth sensors and keeping the screen on can dramatically reduce battery life.